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  • Sunday Practice

    Men's Team

    The men's team will be practicing at noon on Sunday at a complex of 11 different grass soccer fields called "Plaine de jeux Polygone" located in the Bois de Vincennes. It's important for the team to walk through the formation with the full squad and get everyone's legs moving a bit to help loosen up and prevent injury. It will not be strenuous (shinguards not required) but make sure you bring water.

    Women's Team

    The SF/Philly team will be practicing at the Parc du Tremblay at 3:10pm.

  • Opening Ceremony

    Welcome to Paris!!


    See the email titled "Paris 2018 - Opening Ceremony - EN/FR" with all the info for the Opening Ceremony this evening. The festivities begin at 4pm and the parade starts at 7:30pm. We'll meet no later than 6:30pm at the opening ceremony, but get there earlier to see the sights!


    Note: "containers with liquid" are on the prohibited list.


    We'll be bringing the Spikes Gay Games shirts you all ordered (please pay in the Spikes store if you haven't yet) for everyone to wear in the ceremony (if you don't have the TeamSF shirt).


    Keep in mind, the Opening Ceremony is supposed to end around 11pm, so bring what you need for the party afterward if you want to go straight there. (I don't know if there is a bag check, but I hope so!)



  • Accreditation

    Your passport to all Gay Games events and the Metro

    What to bring


    In order to receive your accreditation, each participant must present an identity document (passport or license) and the e-badge that was sent to by email (example to the right).


    You'll receive your welcome packet, which includes your accreditation badge (needed for all events and ceremonies), participant medal, transport pass, and some goodies.


    Extra info from the official Gay Games site

    When and where to pick up

    Pick up before Sunday required for Opening Ceremonies

    On or before Sunday...

    Cité de la Mode et du Design, 34 Quai d'Austerlitz, Paris, France

    • Thursday, noon-10pm
    • Friday, 10am-10pm
    • Saturday, 10am-4pm
    • Sunday, 10am-8pm
    After Sunday...

    Monday-Friday, 10am-8pm

  • RER

    The Réseau Express Régional (RER) is a hybrid suburban commuter/rapid transit system serving Paris, France and its suburbs.

    Info coming soon.

    Paris Métro

    Map to the right includes Métro and RER lines.

    Info coming soon.


    Map to the right includes Métro and RER lines.

    Info coming soon.

  • Tournament

    The soccer part...

    Applicable to all


    • Players must have their accreditation in order to play (players pick up, details in Accreditation section above)
    • Shinguards and non-metal studded cleats or turf shoes are required

    Men's Tournament (11v11)


    • Group stage games will have 30 minute halves
    • Semifinals and Finals will be 45 minute halves
    • Games will begin as early as 9:00am and end no later than 7:30pm
    • Minimum of 5 games played Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
    • Finals will be played on Saturday

    Still to be confirmed...

    • 8 groups of 4 teams
    • Each D2 team will play the 3 teams in their group plus 1-2 games against D1 teams
    • The 8 top finishers from each group will form a D1 knockout tournament
    • The 2nd and 3rd place finishers will form a 16-team D2 knockout tournament
    • The 8 4th place finishers will form a  D3 knockout tournament
    • New kits (shorts and 2 jerseys) will be distributed in Paris
    • Purchase your matching socks (for you to keep) in the Spikes Store (also distributed in Paris)
    • Most games will be played on grass, but some will be on turf
    • We'll have a kickaround on Sunday afternoon (details TBD)

    Women's Tournament (7v7)



    30 minute halves

    Monday: 2 games per team

    Tuesday: 1 game per team (start at noon and end by 4:30pm)

    Wednesday: Day Off

    Thursday: 1 or 2 games per team (start at noon)

    Friday: 1 game per team unless for finalists (start at 10:30am and end by 3:00pm)

    Saturday: Finals​


    • All games will be played on turf (no metal studs allowed)
  • Social Activities

    Spikes Team Dinner:

    Tuesday, August 7

    9pm - 12am


    202 Rue de Fontenay, 94300 Vincennes

    Prix Fixe menu (appetizers and entree) for Spikes players will be covered by the club (€30 for everyone else)

    (Drinks and dessert not included)


    Official Gay Games Festivities:

  • Lodging

    Housing Assignments


    Mens's Team Airbnb "The Flat"

    Cost (w/o subsidy): $56/night/person

    Dates: Aug. 3 - Aug. 12

    Address: 43 Avenue de Paris, Vincennes, Île-de-France 94300

    Walking Distance from RER: 5 min. (Vincennes)


    1. Cameron Massoudi
    2. CJ Mishima
    3. Jervis Lawas
    4. Nikko Santillan
    5. Patrick (Nikko +1)
    6. Ricky Fagan
    7. Ryo Ishida
    8. Shez (Ryo's +1 for one night 8/3)


    Men's Team Airbnb "The House"

    Cost (w/o subsidy): $56/night/person

    Dates: Aug. 3 - Aug. 12

    Address: 49 Rue de la Liberté, Vincennes, Île-de-France 94300

    Walking Distance from RER: 14 min. (Vincennes)


    1. Charles Wollin
    2. Dana Nakano
    3. Jeff Nelson
    4. Luis Miller
    5. Patrick Unemori
    6. Peter Fang
    7. Reilly Gill
    8. Rob Sampera


    Women's Team Airbnb

    Cost (w/o subsidy): $32.25/night/person

    Dates: Aug. 4 - Aug. 12

    Address: 13 Rue Chevreul, 75011 Paris

    Walking Distance from RER: 5 min. (Nation)


    1. Carissa Avalos
    2. Danielle Thoe
    3. Margie Alfano
    4. Milo Beitman
  • Rosters

    Spikes, 11v11, Division 2

    1. Bear Travis
    2. Cameron Massoudi
    3. Charles Wollin
    4. CJ Mishima
    5. Dana Nakano
    6. Francis Laney
    7. Heath Schechinger
    8. Jeff Nelson
    9. Javier Herrera
    10. Jervis Lawas
    11. Izzy Ruiz
    12. Luis Miller
    13. Nikko Santillan
    14. Patrick Johnston
    15. Patrick Unemori
    16. Peter Fang
    17. Reilly Gill
    18. Ricky Fagan
    19. Rob Sampera
    20. Ryo Ishida

    Spikes/Philadelphia Falcons, 7v7

    1. Carissa Avalos
    2. Danielle Thoe
    3. Emily Sporl
    4. Margie Alfano
    5. Milo Beitman